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Peter Kirk peterki at
Mon Dec 18 12:10:19 GMT 2006

Wow thanks for the fast reply, I will set up a test environment tomorrow
and see if I can get this to work.


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Peter Kirk wrote:
> Hi All
> I have a bit of a problem.  We have a 6.1 FreeBSD server with natting
> and firewall rules for the servers behind it.  This FreeBSD server has
> an identical fail over server.
> The other night we tested the fail over server.  It worked find but
> because the gateway before the fail over server had arp cache "the old
> Mac-addresses" it took about 5 minutes before we could access the
> servers behind the fail over server.
> Is there anyway that you are able to set the arp cache refresh time?
Going by this post

you need to set the sysctl to the time you
want in seconds (default is 20 minutes)


> Thanks
> Peter=20
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