Reminder: Manchester BSDUG Thingy

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Dec 5 00:38:44 GMT 2006

Just a few days ago, I sent out a note
rhythmic in nature, a Christmas ditty I wrote.

Poets wrote back, aghast at my errors,
the scan and the beat, all horrible terrors!

To those who replied I give my great thanks,
now I have numbers, and can expect you fine Mancs.

Half a dozen we'll number in the back of the pub,
four more than is friendly in an iron bath tub.

For those who forgot, and have no reminder,
my intention here could not be kinder.

It is tonight we meet, in the Briton's Protection,
about 7pm, we will be a motley collection.


And for the rest of you unable to attend, I'm sure the rest of MANBUG  
would not mind me wishing you all Merry Christmas on their behalf. So  
Merry Chrimble/Season's Greetings/Happy Yuletide, etc., etc...

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