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Sat Dec 2 13:17:14 GMT 2006

Peter Kirk <peterki at> said
		(on Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 12:40:12PM +0200):
> I was just wondering how is the job-market in the UK for FreeBSD?  Are
> there a lot of company's using this OS?

I'm currently doing some work at a top-5 UK bank, and they have a
number of FreeBSD boxes (for a specific networking purpose - ahem).

I wasn't hired specifically for my BSD credentials, though (and
never have been), and the boxes in question are in the process of
being replaced (by appliances, which - in my experience - may
well be running BSD under the hood, anyway!).

Funny old world.  BSD here, there and everwhere, but little
awareness of it (relative to that upstart whose name has
currently escaped me).

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