Southern BSD - Next Thursday - 07/09/2006

Dominic Marks dom at
Thu Aug 31 15:00:54 BST 2006

Following on from Paul :-)

If your a south coast resident you might like to pop along to the first 
(of many?)
Southern BSD meet up. We will be exploring some of the finest hostelries 
Brighton has to offer.

Starting from around 7 ~ 7:30PM until well, whenever.

Most of what Paul described will be true of this meet-up as well, lots 
of Beer, various
IT and non-IT related discussion. If any of you have been to a 
Manchester meet you'll
know what to expect (I went to one once, but don't tell anyone, it's a 

Venue is penciled in as the Hop Poles on Middle Street a great place to 
eat and
drink although it does get busy so be prepared for a possible change of 
scene if
its full to the gunwales. With this in mind if you are thinking of 
coming down drop
me a mail privately and I'll give you my mobile number so you can find 
us if we
end up moving.

Also, if loads of people want to come, we might need a bigger venue. So 
this space.

Hop Poles:
Google Map:


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