Manchester BSD UG - this Tuesday

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Aug 31 11:58:08 BST 2006

As the locals often say: 'ow do.

This Tuesday is the first Tuesday of September. You know what that  

Sure you do. Go on... you say it.

Don't be shy, go on...

I know I'm late with the announcement, but I figured you might want  
to tell everybody. Go on....

OK, OK, I won't force you. It's:

Manchester BSD User Group - September 2006

The Manchester BSD User Group is a regular meeting of like-minded  
geeks in the Briton's Protection[*] pub, Great Bridgewater Street,  
Manchester, England.

A typical event consists of sitting in a pub and arguing/discussing  
stuff only geeks care about. And drinking too (hey, it's a pub after  
all). And general debate, geek camaraderie, banter and other things  
go on that make you feel warm, fuzzy and manly (or girly) on the inside.

Possible topics for discussion this month include:

- The usual debate as to what to upgrade to - phones, laptops, sat  
- Early spots on the Christmas wish-list
- SPIDERS!! [**]
- Whose round is it?
- Why I hate running my own company right now
- Inevitably, house/flat prices
- Equally inevitably, right-wing morons


This Tuesday coming - the 5th September I believe (just two days  
before the full moon, bring a gun loaded with silver bullets, the  
locals start to get weird) - and we typically start around 7pm-ish  
and continue through until about 9-10pm or whenever people have to  

There was one time when Sam claimed we didn't have a meet and so  
nobody turned up but me. I left after an hour and went home and  
cried. That won't happen this time, will it? ... ... please?



It's a lovely pub, with a couple of rooms around the back of the bar  
we may be in - if it's particularly lovely that evening, we may even  
be in the beer garden.

If you can't read a map, e-mail me off list and I'll direct you via a  
series of landmarks taking in such delights as McDonald's on Oxford  
Road (gasp!), the science and industry museum (wow!) and a dubious  
section of the canal (rent-boy-tastic!).

Anything else?

If you are in Manchester that night, and you're reading this, and you  
don't turn up, I hate you. HATE you. With a passion. I will cry  
myself to sleep that night, before rising the next morning ridden  
with sorrow and will take up arms against all men, vowing to destroy  
all. Really.

Hope to see you there,

Paul Robinson

[*] True fact I shouldn't admit to: for years I honestly thought this  
place was called the Witness Protection.

[**] Not really. Unless one is there in a corner and errr... Uggghh!  
somebody get it away! Arrggghh! It's going to bite me! Urrrrrggghhh!  
[flap arms like girl] Urrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! *squeal*! etc.

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