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Sat Aug 19 10:53:01 BST 2006

Hi Richard

Historically I've used Perl and ImageMagick for serverside image
manipulation, resizing uploaded images, generating button graphics
dynamically, etc. 

Originally I think I put PHP on my FreeBSD server box using sysinstall, but
hadn't realised that the GD extensions offered much of what I was doing with
ImageMagick. I never had much joy with MagickWand for PHP, so started
experimenting with PHP GD on my Windows XP development machine, then found
that the GD functions weren't available with PHP as I had it installed on

Following guidance derived from web-searching, I found that I could
recompile PHP on the server with additonal options in the configure_php
file, and got PHP running with GD that way, although I've never used
FreeType (TTF) fonts on the FreeBSD box up to now (no GUI).

Taking your helpful suggestion on board, I'll have a look at using the ports
tree - it certainly sounds like an easier way to get to the intended
outcome. Sadly I've only got my live server box with FreeBSD on it to
experiment at present, so I'm a tad reluctant to risk messing up my working
installation with a previously untried upgrade procedure. If use of the
ports tree is the standard approach, I should probably make some careful and
thorough backups and take the plunge; then again, if I can hit on the
correct addition(s) or amendment(s) to the options string for configure_php
and recompile, I could spare myself the excitement attendant on doing
something new-to-me with my live webserver!

All fun and games - but thanks for your help.

best regards


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Why are you doing it that way ?

Use the ports tree under /usr/ports and all of the deps and build
requirements will be handled auto-majically

i.e install portupgrade then work from there.

Regards Richard

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I'm trying to get PHP running on FreeBSD 5.3 with the GD graphics functions
and FreeType (TTF font support) on Apache 1.31

PHP compiles and works OK, also most of GD appears to be working fine, but
functions relating to TTF fonts aren't available.

The configure_php file I'm using to compile is as follows:

--with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-gd
--with-zlib-dir=/usr/src/php/php-5.0.4/ext/zlib --enable-gd-native-ttf


I'm probably missing a required option somewhere in there. 

I'd be much obliged if anyone who has a working FreeBSD/PHP/GD/FreeType
configuration could point me towards a configure_php option string which
does the job.

Many thanks for any help.

Charles Brewster

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