Network routing and Multiple ADSL lines

Spadge Fromley spadge at
Mon Aug 7 11:54:16 BST 2006

> I have 2 ADSL lines coming in to my house, both on ADSL routers.
> The first one is a network. The gateway is on
>, BSD is on de1 using and is used as my
> general home internet connecting. I have multiple computer attached to
> this network (using windows and BSD) and it used for general internet
> use, listening to online radio and playing online games etc.
> The second one is a network. The gateway is on
>, BSD is on de0 using and is used as a DNS
> server and file backup server (using rsync to provide offsite backups)
> for a friend (Well thats what I want). There is also a single windows
> box on this network (this box also has a seperate network card,
> sitting on the network)
> These networks are seperate networks, using seperate routers and
> switches.

I think the problem here is that you have the adsl routers routing.
Personally, I think you'd find it easier to do what you want if you make
them do nothing but bridge, and handle the gateway stuff yourself in fbsd,
using natd and ipfw.

You'd need another couple of NICs though, and possibly a switch or two.

I'm probably wrong, though. But it's certainly where I'd start looking for
a solution.

Good luck.


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