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Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Mon Aug 7 10:54:30 BST 2006

> The problem is the default gateway.  As far as I know only one default
> gateway is supported, and allyour return packets are going that way.  When
> the packets arrive from your second DSL connection the response is sent
> out the first DSL connection, and NAT on that link causes the return
> packets to appear to come from the outside address of your first DSL
> connection, which is NOT the address the original packet was sent to, so
> the originator out on the net discards the return packet.

Would it be possible to connect both incomming DSL lines to a single
BSD box used as the router and then run NAT on both outgoing interfaces
using PF - and then use PF's routing to specify which interface gets
what traffic from inside the network ? That's what I wold try, then
you just have all machines set their default gateway to the BSD box.


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