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Paul freebsd at caspersworld.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 01:48:15 BST 2006


Im still fairly new to FreeBSD, but have managed to get by untill now

I run BSD on a DEC alphaserver 4000, with 2 different network cards 
(de0 and de1)

I have 2 ADSL lines coming in to my house, both on ADSL routers.
The first one is a network. The gateway is on, BSD is on de1 using and is used as my 
general home internet connecting. I have multiple computer attached to 
this network (using windows and BSD) and it used for general internet 
use, listening to online radio and playing online games etc.
The second one is a network. The gateway is on, BSD is on de0 using and is used as a DNS 
server and file backup server (using rsync to provide offsite backups) 
for a friend (Well thats what I want). There is also a single windows 
box on this network (this box also has a seperate network card, 
sitting on the network)
These networks are seperate networks, using seperate routers and 

The networks looks something like

ADSL|Home network  |
    |______________|     |                |                
|                |
                   ______|_______   ______|_______   ______|_______   
                  |  | |  | | | 
| |   etc up to
                  |FreeBSD Server| |Windows Server| |FreeBSD Client| 
|Windows       |
                  |   | |   | |Desktop       | 
|Desktop       |
                  |______________| |______________| |______________| 
     ______________      |               | 
ADSL|Server Network|     |               |
----| |---------------------
I currently have my default gateway on FreeBSD set to

I can connect to the BSD box externally no problems using the IP 
address from the first ADSL connection.
However, any external connection requests I have make on the IP 
address from the second ADSL connection just times out
I have no problems with the Windows server

If I swap the default gateway to then the problem gets 
swapped over.

Am I right in thinking I have a routing issue somewhere?

I have tried a few different things including tring a few different 
setups with ipfw and playing with the routing tables, but have had no 

What I really want is for the alpha to have a default gateway of (I use it for personal tasks as well as for my friend), to 
be able to connect to it internally from the network, 
and externally using the IP from the first ADSL line
I would also like to be able to connect to it externally using the IP 
address from the seconds ADSL line, so my friend can backup to it 
using rsync and also use it as a DNS server

The reason why I want to use 2 ADSL line is that if I use all the 
bandwidth on the home ADSL connection (playing games etc) there is 
still a second ADSL connection purely for rsync and DNS requests. 
Currently im getting about 10Gb a day being downloaded via rsync

At the moment, I have resorted to just using the first ADSL line, but 
I notice a big difference while I try to play online games, if an 
rsync is taking place 
I know that I could just limit the speed that rsync transfers at, but 
I really want the transfer to happen as soon as possible and there is 
a second ADSL line that is already being paid for

How do I go about trying to get my desired setup, or where should I 
start to look?

Many Thanks

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