Upgrade query

James james at root.org.za
Wed Aug 2 13:39:40 BST 2006

Hello folks,

I am currently running FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE and am looking to upgrade to 6.x
I plan to build a fresh install on a new drive and then copy all the data
from the old drive to the new one.

I want to try and use as many of my existing config files as possible to
lesten the amount of system reconfiguration I will need to do to get it back
to its existing working state.

My concern is whether or not I will be able to copy the files in /etc/,
paticularly major ones such as /etc/passwd, from my 4.10 installation to the
new 6.x installation.

Is this possible? Or would I need to run some sort of conversion on these
files to make them 6.x compatible?

Any advice/help will be much appreciated.

 - James
 - "Praise is well, compliment is well, but affection-
 -  that is the last and most precious reward that any man can win,
 -  whether by character or achievement." -- Mark Twain
 - http://james.antecedent.org

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