Manchester BSDUG - 2nd May

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Apr 25 19:14:09 BST 2006

Manchester BSD User Group - 2nd May 2006

The next Manchester BSD User Group meeting will be held on Tuesday  
the 2nd May at the SandBar, Grosvenor St., Manchester at 7:30pm.

There was some discussion to change venue now that the SandBar has  
got loud and weird, but we never got around to discussing that here.  
For now I suggest Sandbar, and as we're nearly in Summer (no  
students) and this meet happens the day after a bank holiday (too  
many people with hangovers to make it busy), it should be OK until  
the October meet unless somebody has strong objections.

What is it?

If you've never been before, this is an occasion where a group of  
people who work with, play with, develop with and tinker with the  
various BSD operating systems (Free, Net, Open, Darwin and OS X) meet  
up and talk about anything and everything. This month the favourite  
contenders for 'most likely to be discussed issues' are:

* Me and Dave beating each other up over an argument on ORG. Maybe. :-)
* <-- I am reliably informed this is  
better than it looks and have been told stories of Daleks made of  
Meccano. We'll see.
* The 2006 'April 1st' RFC THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!
* An idea me and Bob had whilst drunk. It's good, but needs refining  
and working on. More at the meet.

Talk is often not particularly technical, although technical topics  
do come up
and are welcomed by all. In short, we're a bunch of geeks who've  
agreed to
meet down the pub, numbering half a dozen or so typically.

When is it?

The Manchester BSD User Group meeting happens on the first Tuesday of  
every month. The next one is therefore on the 2nd May. The one after  
this will be in June. Put it in your calendar now. There is an iCal  
feed that makes sweet, sweet love to your calendar application here:

The drinking, talking and general festivities will commence at  
7:30pm. Typically, we tend to finish up some time around 9pm, with a  
few sometimes staying on later.

Where is it?

We now meet at the SandBar on Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HL.  
It is a friendly bar, bohemian style furniture, real ale, imported  
draught and bottled lager and WiFi. It is a large place with a "no- 
smoking" back room where we may be hidden if it is a busy night.

It has recently got loud and weird though. We may change venue soon.

Unfortunately, if you put the postcode for the SandBar into any  
online mapping tool, it actually directs you to the middle of the MMU  
campus, so if you don't know where you're headed, please feel free to  
email me or one of the lists (last month somebody did this and it got  
marked as spam in my inbox, so mail the list!). You won't get  
directions, we'll just photo you being lost in the middle of MMU  
campus... :-) No, really, we'll help.

Anything else?

Attendance has been patchy in recent months, so if you could let us  
know if you're coming so we can look out for you. If it looks like  
only 2-3 people are going to make it, we may decide to postpone it so  
it is worth letting us know if you plan to attend.

You can get updates and announcements of new meetings by joining our  
mailing list - just send 'subscribe manchester' to  
majordomo at

The meeting's home page is

Look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

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