SETID in kernel

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Wed Apr 19 18:23:08 BST 2006

Does /usr/local/bin/suidperl  exist if not then it didn't install with that
option and Openwebmail will not run.
I may be wrong but I think speedy_suidperl is just a more secure way insteed
of just running speed_cgi which Openwebmail used to do.  

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> I did deinstall and reinstall, and even checked the Config 
> output to make sure it was answering the question "Do you 
> want to enable SUID emulation" 
> correctly, which it was.  So I am reasonably certain that the 
> perl install is good.  Anyone know how to check it?  perl -V 
> doesn't mention anything about it...
> There is no "suidperl" in this instance - openwebmail seems 
> to want to use "speedy-suidperl", which exists, and by 
> default seems to be setuid itself.  If I try to run this way 
> I get the error message abouth the kernel.  If I take off the 
> SUID bit openwebmail runs without privs, and cannot open its 
> own log file.
> Sigh.
> j

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