Sound on Asus A8V-MX (ALC653)

Christopher Dawkins cchd at
Wed Apr 12 09:27:29 BST 2006

Apologies for this post being replicated, if it is.

I'm having big trouble getting sound to work on an Asus A8V-MX motherboard
with 6.1-PRERELEASE and KDE 3.5.1. The motherboard has the K8M800/VT8351
chipset with ALC653 on-board. The snd_via8233 driver locks onto this and
appears to work, generating audio, dsp and dspW devices in /dev and
reporting on sndstat "pcm0: <VIA VT8233X> at io 0xd400 irq 22 kld
snd_via8233 (5p/1r/0v channels duplex default)"

These work:          KDE sound, Noatun, KsCD, xine

These do not work:   Audacity, qemu, g711conv, skype, vlc, mplayer

I think those that work are working through artsd.

Those that don't work generate at high speed error messages along the
lines of

(e.g. from audacity)

                portaudio: write interrupted

(e.g. from vlc and others)

           OSS audio output error: write failed (invalid argument)

Can anyone explain these error messages?

I tried disabling "AC'97 variable sample rate" in the BIOS - no help

As one cure, I have tried adding a Creative SB0570 Audigy-SE 7.1
soundcard. This kills the on-board sound and is not recognised on boot-up,
though it does appear on "pciconf -l -v" as "Creative Audigy CA0106" card.
Disabling the AC97 in the BIOS doesn't help.

Can anyone advise?

Or should I replace the motherboard?  The ASRock 939NF4G board with ACL850
codec looks as if it might work with the same processor/memory.

Christopher Dawkins
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