fsck reports wrong in superblk

tomasz dereszynski tomaszd at paraklet.net
Tue Apr 11 23:05:04 BST 2006

Hello Phil,

W Twoim li=9Ccie datowanym 11 kwietnia 2006 (22:22:56) mo=BFna przeczyta=E6:

PC> Hi All,

PC> I'm hoping that someone can advise me about the following=20
PC> reported errors I have found on my hard disk when running fsck -f.
PC> Are they anything to be concerned about?  How can I fix the
PC> problem?

send effect uname -a


answare yes

first make some backup
second let fsck salvege this problem and see what's happen
it can fix it or maybe you have problem with HD

bEsT rEgArDs,
tomasz dereszynski
gg 2262877

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