UKUUG/Apple Technical Briefing 2006 - OS X for Intel

Gerald Davies gerald.davies at
Sun Apr 9 16:03:38 BST 2006

On 4/9/06, Sam Smith <S at> wrote:
> He will discuss:
>      * The challenges of migrating an entire operating system
>        to a new architecture
>      * How the Intel transition affects scientific computing
>        on Mac OS X
>      * How to make your own software run natively on both
>        PowerPC and Intel-based Macs
>      * Rosetta, the translation engine which enables existing
>        PowerPC software to run on Intel-based Macs
>      * Intel's published processor roadmap and how it may
>        affect the future of personal and scientific computing

It would be interesting to know if they're aware of how dire the new
Intel Mac Mini's actually are ;-)
My Intel Duo Mac Mini is going back tomorrow.  Lots of problems with
them regarding WIFI (not limited to myself).  Coming from a Linux/BSD
background I've been thoroughly disappointed so far.

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