Backup to DVD-R

Jon Schneider jon at
Tue Sep 20 17:00:59 BST 2005

The general technique goes something like this.

mkisofs -various-isooptions stuffwantingburning | cdrecord -cdroptions

The main problem is not being able to produce the data fast enough which
may or may not be a problem. Experiment with dvd+-rw media and any
buffer size type options to mkisofs/cdrecord.

Using a named pipe to do compression/tarring might go something like

mknod spout p

tar czf spout mydata &
or just
gzip -c compressable-data >spout &
(bzip2 very likely too slow)

mkisofs -various-isooptions spout | cdrecord -cdroptions

I have a suspicion mkisofs will look at the pipe and decide it's a zero
length file.

You could always write the thing in a format other than ISO.


Jon Schneider <jon at>

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