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Sun Sep 18 15:22:02 BST 2005

Gary <bsdmail at> said
		(on Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 08:52:14AM +0100):
> Any of the groups in the UK have an irc channel they meet up in?
> If so, which channel on which servers?

You mean, apart from the UK-wide FreeBSD channel #freebsduk
which I use via ?  About 7 regulars.

I'm in Cardiff, so I also frequent the South Wales LUG and its
irc incarnation #swlug on (until recently: - splitters!).

OFTC and Freenode may be appropriate for BUG channels (though
licensing issues might say differently ;-).  SWLUG moved from
Freenode for moot political/technical reasons.  They're much the
same, though, fwict.

I should pick up Paul Richards' recent suggestion (in a pub)
about starting a south Wales open source group.  There didn't
seem to be much support for a BUG itself locally.  There are no
other primarily-BSD people in SWLUG, and it would be nice to be
in a more broad, erm, church.

The SWBUG got 3 of us out.  SWLUG has 15+ *active* members: three
locations across the region - Cardiff, Swansea and Camarthen,
each holding monthly meetings - 6+ people each meet (some overlap
across locations).  I can't see the SWLUG members seeing a need
for change - i.e. for an open source local UG.

It just works.

Either BSD people get more active, or Linux gets all the
limelight, and hence will blinker the next generation.  Oh no -
what am I talking about? - that already happened.

News at 11.

Geraint A. Edwards (aka "Gedge")
gedge at

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