FreeBSD in Scotland

Max Russell max at
Sun Sep 18 09:42:31 BST 2005

Gary wrote:

> All,
> Just to add on from previous emails of groups resurrecting and starting.
> I am interested in joining or starting a BSD group in Scotland, 
> preferably near Glasgow. I belong to a successful linux user group 
> with a few FreeBSD users. We have very regular speakers and 
> interesting demos. Of course then there is the obligatory curry and 
> beer after.
> Any of the groups in the UK have an irc channel they meet up in?
> If so, which channel on which servers?
> -Gary
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I joined edlug a short while ago and am getting a lot of mail from that, 
but as I'm about to blow away my Ubuntu to move back to FreeBSD, I don't 
know if I'll stay with it...

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