next london user group meeting

Michael Abbott michael at
Sun Sep 18 09:09:03 BST 2005

For the sake of list traffic and possible interest, I thought I'd also 
answer these questions.

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005, Ceri Davies wrote:
> Are you a new user?  If so, what inticed you to try FreeBSD?

I run fBSD at home (mail, file serving, mostly) and migrated there from 
Red Hat (6? can't remember) and SuSE, largely because of maintenance 
difficulties.  The fBSD box is headless and all my UI interaction is 
through OSX (an iBook).  Think I've been running this since about 2000.

At work we use Red Hat 9 and a smattering of RH Enterprise (and all the 
office admin people use Windows, damn them), as well as hundreds of 
embedded computers, mostly running vxWorks (eww) or a rather strange 
custom Linux brew.  So no BSD, alas.

> Did you just stumble across the list?  If so, where (and where did you
> look before)?

I expect I looked in

I have to say I find the freebsd-questions list too high in traffic to 
follow, so a middling level of technical traffic on this list would be 
very comforting.

> Strange questions, perhaps, but any new insights will not go amiss.

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