Party, Alsager, Cheshire, Saturday 12 November

Adrian Wontroba party2005 at
Tue Sep 6 05:31:25 BST 2005

I am holding a party, with no excuse other than I feel like it.

Who:	You, your partner and children.
When:	Saturday, 12 November 2005.
From:	15:00 till very late.
Where:	Alsager, Cheshire.  Near M6 junction 16.
Dress:	Informal.

If you are coming, please contact me at mailto:party2005 at for
the address and directions, and tell how many there are of you, and if
you have any special dietary needs.  I need some idea of the numbers for
catering.  If too many I may need to arrange two parties.

* I am assuming that people bringing children will take them away before
  they become over-tired and fractious.
* No pets.
* I can only put people up overnight if they are really desperate.

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Adrian Wontroba

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