Where to buy 3ware?

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Thu Sep 1 21:30:04 BST 2005

James O'Gorman <james at jamesog.net> wrote:

> Are there any shops/websites in the UK that sell 3ware RAID cards
> (specifically the 9500S-4LP)? Or if not, does anyone know of any
> websites abroad that would ship to the UK?

I would have previously suggested GND, but they have ceased trading.

TMC - www.tmc-uk.com - where I get mine
Ultimate Storage - www.ultimatestorage.co.uk - never used them myself

> Failing that, what alternatives are there for SATA RAID cards? I hear
> mixed things about Adaptec, so I'm not sure at the moment...

I'd stick with 3ware.


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