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> Hi, 
> I tried to use the host keys authentication so I can connect 
> without prompting for password but it fails I hope if anyone 
> has a good idea for that 

       you must still run it with the -B switch or it will prompt for a
As an alternative When you generate your public/private keypair, you are
asked for a password. If you don't type anything here but just press ENTER,
you will not be prompted for your password
Also I think you will need to force it to use ssh V1, look at the man pages
and have a read of

Please check that the ssh connection is functional 

ssh -v "hostname"

Test from both hosts.

> I have two server (bigapple) and (equator)
> The backup server is equator and the client is bigapple 
> Bigapple has sshv1 and equator has sshv2
> So I need to backup all customers' files on bigapple to 
> equator with a script run in crontab but without asking for 
> manual entering of password 

Have you considered using ssh-agent. There is an example script for
performing backups using this approach at
Just follow the link to Todd Fries backup script.

> So I hope to find a good manual to do that 
> Regards
> Khaled J. Hussein 
> System Administrator     

Best of luck

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