Backup Problem

David Baird lists.riverside at
Tue Oct 11 13:25:14 BST 2005

On 10/11/05, Khaled Hussein <khaled at> wrote:
> Hi there, this is my first email to this group and I welcome all of you a=
> I hope to be your friend
> Now my problem is: I am working in ISP Company and we have many server ha=
> UNIX FreeBSD OS and I want to do backup for the web server, I run the scr=
> that tar the files and gzip them but I face a problem on the script that
> will copy the backup file from the web server to the backup server (remot=
> I searched the internet about this I found many talk about "scp" command =
> the problem is this command prompt for password and the script should run
> daily and automatically from crontab, so how can I do this
> Please if any body has an idea I will be glade for your help

Hi Khaled,

what you need is to set up public/private key pairs. You set up one
pair on the backup machine, and another pair on each of the web
servers. You copy the public key from the backup machine, to each of
the web servers. You copy the public key from each of the web servers,
to the backup machine. This establishes a web of trust between the
machines - each is capable of verifying the identity of the other
automatically, without needing a password to be entered interactively.

Use ssh-keygen to make the key pairs. man ssh-keygen provides full
details. For automatic operation, do *not* enter a passphrase when
generating key pairs.

Hope this helps,


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