Epson GT15000 & HP PSC 2355

Christopher Dawkins cchd at
Tue Nov 8 20:57:35 GMT 2005

I need a good A3 scanner to equip an Archives office. The Epson GT 15000
seems best, and most indications are that it ought to work via the GIMP
xsane plugin from a FreeBSD USB port. Does anyone have one of these

I am cautious because I have a problem with an HP PSC 2355, which also
ought to work but which, so far, I can use only for printing. Does anyone
have one of these working as a scanner from FreeBSD? Does anyone know the
prospects for HPLIP on FreeBSD?

Christopher Dawkins
  Garnetts Corner, Braintree Road, Felsted, Dunmow, Essex  CM6 3DS
  cchd at     07816 821659     01371 821076

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