FreeBSD on a laptop

Gerald Davies gerald.davies at
Thu May 26 09:49:51 BST 2005

On 5/26/05, Adrian Wontroba <aw1 at> wrote:
> Booting the candidate machine off an installation CD then writing down
> all the peripheral information output by the kernel as it starts up for
> later close comparison with the hardware notes is a good start.  If it
> gets as far as running sysinstall, say "excellent" and stop, unless you
> want to attempt conversion of the machine to the light side.

You may also want to consider trying a live distro - either freebsd or
linux.  When I get new hardware or an OS, its the first thing I look
at ;)

Dual booting windows isn't hard at all.  There's simply no need to
remove it unless you're a die-hard.

If you're that unsure about the laptop I wouldn't buy it.  I always do
searches on hardware and the intended OS before purchasing.  I
appreciate you're doing the same.

Gerald Davies

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