Problems :-?

John Tuckey johnt at
Sun May 8 03:50:12 BST 2005

I started setting up jails on my box running 4.1 and after waiting for the
thing to compile I had it all running.  I then noticed I couldn=B9t add any
new users to my newly created jail as it said I already had users of that
name, which I did in the main system.  Bearing in mind this is the first
time I have heard of jails and went into it blind, I noticed there was a
symbolic link in my jail location to my main /home folder <sigh> it was lat=
and I thought I deleted the symlink but <no prizes> I deleted my main
/home/folder.  No biggie really all stuff is backed up daily nothing lost
nothing gained.  Thing is I cant remember the correct permissions for the
/home and the /home/*user folders I tried 700, 755 etc and when users run
pine they get an error like below:

The "/root/mail" subdirectory already exists, but its not writable by pine
so pine cannot run. Please correct the permissions and restart pine.

Can anyone help with what I should set /root/mail /home /home/*user folders
to and any advise with managing users within a jail.  I want to use a jail
as a "public" ssh server aswell as running qmail away from sendmail that's
running on the main system (im going to be making the switch to qmail but
want to iron out a few things first and thought that would be the ideal way
to use the jail without messing up my working mail system).

Thanks Guys.

John Tuckey.

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