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k k ingou88 at yahoo.gr
Wed May 4 11:34:07 BST 2005

> > Hello all :)
> >
> > I am interested in using FreeBSD but don't know if
> my computer will run it
> > and I am new to Unix (XP Home at present). I want
> to use it on my laptop
> > (Systemax P4 2.8GHz CPU, 1GB Ram with a Radeon
> 9000 video card (non-shared
> > memory) and 60GB HDD.

freesbie is not like xp. sit back and enjoy the ride?
noooooooo. its not like this.


try that. (i got the live cd, and had some strange
experience). just to see if it works, with your
laptop. but a nice thnk ...... backup your data

if you have dsl, you can put some ports (software,
OpenOffice, Kofice etc)

welcome and enjoy it (freesbie)

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