Blutetooth keyboards

Frank Shute frank at
Thu Mar 31 16:37:24 BST 2005

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 02:32:27PM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:
> I'm looking for a bluetooth wireless keyboard that has a touchpad
> mouse built into it.

I've never seen such a thing but then again I don't get about much.

> Basically I have this plan:
> 1) Bought a LCD TV with a VGA input.
> 2) Mac mini on order to plug into the TV.
> Now I need an all-in-one keyboard/mouse so I can sit on the sofa
> in the lounge and use the Mac that's plugged into the TV.
> I don't want a seperate mouse and keyboard as that's not going
> to be something I can use on my lap when I'm lounging on the sofa.
> Ideally I want something like a laptop keyboard/mouse setup. I saw
> exactly what I want in PC world, Sony's shipping one of these things
> with their desktop machines, I've never come across one to buy
> separately though.

I've got 2 suggestions:

1. Map some keys to move/press the mouse.

2. Get a small keyboard (Happy Hacker type thing) and attach it to a piece of
wood with a trackball alongside it.

They both might be a bit cumbersome but cheaper than a "specialist"

Doesn't the Mac have a mode where you can use keys instead of a mouse?
I guess it depends on the applications you are running to a large

Another idea is a joystick. Don't know if you can get wireless ones.



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