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Simon Dick simond at irrelevant.org
Wed Mar 30 22:54:04 BST 2005

As a quick attempt to help, try running it after running /compat/linux/bin/sh and hopefully it should just work. I've not tried that installer myself though. First check for a linux-flash* port which may automate it for you :)

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    I am toying with the idea of opening an Internet cafe in the Virgin
    Islands (I am on St Thomas at the moment).  I would like to use FreeBSD
    based terminals, and am playing with different desktop pieces.  One thing
    I am running into is the difficulty of getting flash pages to display and
    play.  I have linux-mozilla installed and running fine under emulation,
    but the macromedia flash installer won't run (complains about the
    operating system).  I know this is probably something silly.  Be gentle :)
    I never did get a keyboard to work on the old Compaq Presario.  Still open
    for ideas on that one!
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