UKUUG Linux Con - BSD track

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Mar 29 21:23:24 BST 2005

On 29 Mar 2005, at 17:27, Paul Richards wrote:

> to be a rough show of hands on this list as to whether it would be
> something everyone's interested in.

Yeah, I'll go hang out with the enemy for a few days providing I'm in 
the UK that weekend. I would put together a quick abstract, but I've 
just realised my BSD skills have been neglected for at least 2 years (I 
plan to fix this over the next month now I've realised it) and so an 
absolute beginner having read the handbook might be more up-to-date 
than me. I could cram, but as I might be (a) in NYC by then and (b) 
busy as hell the rest of this week when you need the abstracts...

For those who feel they could do an abstract but not sure what on, here 
are some ideas I'd guess might fit for this crowd and might get your 
creative juices flowing:

- Linux to BSD conversion: major factors to consider
- A detailed introduction to /usr/ports and porting apps to FreeBSD
- Linux emulation under BSD
- Toughening your border with OpenBSD [got to give the Open- and Net- 
guys a chance... :-) ]
- Why BSD isn't dying [muahahaha... :-) ]
- Intro to Darwin/OS X
- Network testing and development with netgraph
- DoS prevention with dummynet
- Daemon buffer overflow protection with jail

Plus they do loads of application-level stuff, so plenty of scope 

Paul Robinson

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