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Tue Mar 29 19:10:26 BST 2005

It's been a long time since I've done any advocacy :-( what sort of topics
are you looking for?


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>There's an opportunity for us to have a bit of our own individual
>identity at this years UKUUG Linux Con in August.
>If there's enough interest then the UKUUG is interested in
>experimenting with a BSD track/session. If it goes well then it could
>be a pre-cursor to a larger UKUUG BSD event at some point in the
>future, but I felt we should test the water first with something more
>low key.
>So, the situation is this:
>1) We need to show interest by submitting abstracts within the next
>2) Show support for a future BSD event by turning up to the Linux con
>in August.
>This isn't a definitely going to go ahead yet, it depends on whether
>enough interest is shown over the next few days. Initially I need some
>volunteers to submit abstracts more or less immediately, and for there
>to be a rough show of hands on this list as to whether it would be
>something everyone's interested in.
>I think this is an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of BSD
>within the larger Unix community in the UK and the UKUUG would be an
>excellent forum for the BSD community to get more involved with.
>Paul Richards
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