UKUUG Linux Con - BSD track

Paul Richards paul at
Tue Mar 29 17:27:42 BST 2005

There's an opportunity for us to have a bit of our own individual
identity at this years UKUUG Linux Con in August.

If there's enough interest then the UKUUG is interested in
experimenting with a BSD track/session. If it goes well then it could
be a pre-cursor to a larger UKUUG BSD event at some point in the
future, but I felt we should test the water first with something more
low key.

So, the situation is this:

1) We need to show interest by submitting abstracts within the next
2) Show support for a future BSD event by turning up to the Linux con
in August.

This isn't a definitely going to go ahead yet, it depends on whether
enough interest is shown over the next few days. Initially I need some
volunteers to submit abstracts more or less immediately, and for there
to be a rough show of hands on this list as to whether it would be
something everyone's interested in.

I think this is an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of BSD
within the larger Unix community in the UK and the UKUUG would be an
excellent forum for the BSD community to get more involved with.

Paul Richards

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