Vale Cameron Grant (cg at, 8 July 1976 - 20 March 2005

David Gerard fun at
Tue Mar 22 14:52:49 GMT 2005

For those who haven't heard, FreeBSD committer Cameron Grant
died suddenly on Sunday morning.

Cameron was well known for his keen mind and personality, but
his body didn't work so well. The cause of death has yet to
be established, but he spent many years suffering from
neurological diseases that left him living on machines.

There's a page up at which gives
more details and notes of suitable charities to donate to
rather than send flowers, etc.

Note that the first listed charity is his widow, Kris [though
she's on that list only at the insistence of others] - she
was working as Cameron's carer, and now that's stopped she has
no income for the moment, maybe no house and maybe no way to
stay in the UK. So a bit of assistance from these lists full of
overpaid geeks would probably be quite helpful right now!

I only knew Cam in passing via others, but thought someone
should tell the FreeBSD community.

(cc'd to Kris)

- d.

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