London BSD User Group now set up

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Mon Mar 21 23:55:42 GMT 2005

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 10:46:47PM +0000, Aled Morris wrote:
> I'm up for a bit of that.
> I have Asterisk running on FreeBSD but there are problems.
> Not least of which is that it seems there's no hardware support :-(

I'd like to sort that out, but ENOTIME at the moment due to dayjob.
I'm still in Berkeley though, so I suppose I could pick up a couple of
FXO/FXS cards here where they're much cheaper before I return in April.

An additional data point: FXO/FXS WIC cards for modular Cisco chassis
(26xx and the like) seem to be relatively inexpensive, this could be
another way for people to build Asterisk based systems (i.e. let the
Cisco deal with FXO/FXS, and run Asterisk on a FreeBSD node as a


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