routing confusion on home network

Lee Brotherston lee at
Tue Mar 15 14:36:52 GMT 2005

Kel Graham wrote:
> ah.. solved it by judicious use of NAT.  Why does FreeBSD say it routes
> between interfaces with a simple "gateway_enable='YES'", when for me this
> wasn't the case? Was it because I have two separate networks, and not just
> different subnets?

Hi Kel,

I suspect that the FreeBSD box was infact routing the traffic fine, 
however the netgear router had no routes for to enable 
the return traffic back (a tcpdump should confirm this).  It would need 
a gateway of setting for any traffic in the 
router.  Using NAT means that the traffic used the address of the 
interface on the FreeBSD machine which the router could route too by 
virtue of being on the same subnet.

Wow, did I just type that after beer? :)


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