routing confusion on home network

Kel Graham kel at
Tue Mar 15 11:16:33 GMT 2005


I have a routing issue with my home network, and would really appreciate
any thoughts on where my problem lies, as I'm quite confused.

My network layout is as follows:

Cable modem
Netgear router (, DHCP server ->
Negear wireless bridge ( shared from router)
FreeBSD R5.2 PC (an0:, fxp0:
ADSL 4-port modem/router (IP:, default route:
Gentoo Linux PC (eth0:, default route:

When logged onto the FreeBSD PC, I can surf normally, ping any machine on
both networks ( &

The problem I have is that when I log on to the Linux PC, I can ping any
machine on both networks, except the router (, and thus don't
have internet access. Other PCs on either network can ping this PC without
any issue.

The router has been set with a static route for pointing to
I *assume* this route must be working as it a PC with an IP of say can't ping

The FreeBSD machine's rc.conf has enable_gateway="YES". It is not running
NAT, nor does it have a firewall installed (it's the GENERIC kernel).

When running tcpdump on the FreeBSD box, then start a ping from the Linux
box, I can see packets going to the router, but no reply.

So basically, anything behind the FreeBSD box can't connect to the net, or
ping the router. Can anybody suggest where I'm going wrong? Do I need to
bridge or nat the two interfaces in the FreeBSD box?

Thanks for your time,

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