OT: Hard disk

Chris Rodgers freebsd-users-uk at bulk.rodgers.org.uk
Tue Mar 8 22:49:47 GMT 2005


Sorry for asking a non-FreeBSD question here, but perhaps you can help 

I have been having trouble with a Maxtor hard disk. I have just received 
a new disk from Maxtor and taken it out of the packaging a couple of 
hours ago. After messing around installing Maxtor's EZBoot (something 
like that?) boot overlay software, my old machine now recognises all 
120GB. I formatted a small partition in the first 1GB or so and all 
seems to be fine. HOWEVER, when I disconnect the other two disks in the 
system (both IDE and power connectors) and try to boot off the new one, 
it just makes a slight clicking noise, is no longer recognised by the 
BIOS and the system doesn't boot. YET, if I connect the power to one of 
the original disks (with the IDE connectors still not plugged in) the 
system now boots fine, the BIOS detects the new disk and begins to boot 
off it....

Can anyone explain what having the power (not IDE) connected to one of 
the other HDD's might be doing? I'm completely puzzled by this, but it's 
quite reproducible.

Thanks a lot,


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