UK BSD mini con

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Mar 2 12:17:02 GMT 2005

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 11:49:31AM +0000, Paul Richards wrote:

> So, what we going to do about this then?

Well, I've been waiting for confirmation on my contract to decide if I
was going to have time to organise something more on a social level, or
perhaps like the NTK-organised foocamp rip off but for FreeBSDers.

I had a meeting this morning about this, and the short version is, I
can't see Manchester happening before Autumn, so count me out as an
organiser for this year. (*)

> Do people have ideas for presentations or things they'd like to
> discuss? If there's no real demand for actual talks then we can
> just go for a social event.

I'd personally favour a social-esque event and let people huddle and
discuss what they want to. If somebody comes along with something
interesting to talk about, it'll get noticed.

(*) - It looks like I'll be available for work from 1st April. Woo and
yay. Anybody with info on current contract rates to expect on
short-order work, I'd be grateful to hear from them - been out of the
loop for two years.

Paul Robinson

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