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Frank Shute frank at
Sun Jul 31 07:56:38 BST 2005

On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 10:31:12AM +1000, David Gerard wrote:
> Frank Shute (frank at [050730 00:29]:
> > > Mmm. My main problem with FreeBSD as a desktop is that the Linux compat
> > > layer in 5.x seems notably less stable than the one on 4.x (speicifically,
> > > running Linux nightly builds of Mozilla). Linux-Mozilla also seems to hang
> > > weirdly at times on FreeBSD, which I wouldn't mention except it's happening
> > > for a friend I set onto FreeBSD as well. No idea where to start on getting
> > > these resolved, I'm a sysadmin not a programmer.
> > Any reason why you're running the linux mozilla rather than the native
> > one? Because of plug-ins?
> An aversion to four-day compilations ;-)

I've got slow machines here (300MHz) and I just leave compilation jobs
like that to run overnight.

> Right now I'm desktopping from this Ubuntu laptop where even the wifi card
> Just Works. (And I'm already treating anything involving the Linux kernel
> as Satanic and corrupting. Icky, icky thing. The Debian package management
> and Synaptic Package Manager are remarkably nice, though, and FreeBSD so
> needs something like them.) So I'll probably experiment with nightlies and
> suchlike on this box.
> But the linux-compat in FreeBSD is sucking and I think this is a problem.
> Didn't it used to have a reputation as a *better* Linux than Linux?

If you're using a large package like linux mozilla and your build
environment isn't exactly the same as the machine the package was
built on, then I suspect the likelihood is that it will work less than
optimally. I'd urge you to compile and then see if linux-compat still
sucks. I always use (after a cvsup):

# portupgrade -vrR mozilla

(although I actually run Firefox).

I gave up on packages years ago after spending many an hour fighting
the RedHat package manager.

> > I've loaded 5.4 on my laptop but can't do anything with it until I've
> > got a working PCMCIA NIC :(
> > Anybody got one they want to get rid of? 10Mbs would do.
> I have a Xircom 10/100 here that works dandy with it, but it's a Type 3
> just so as not to require a dongle, so there's no way I'm giving it up ;-)
> We got it for a bit over ten quid on eBay, though, so have a look around.

Fair enough :) I think I'm making progress.



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