BSD is dying

David Gerard fun at
Sun Jul 31 01:31:12 BST 2005

Frank Shute (frank at [050730 00:29]:

> > Mmm. My main problem with FreeBSD as a desktop is that the Linux compat
> > layer in 5.x seems notably less stable than the one on 4.x (speicifically,
> > running Linux nightly builds of Mozilla). Linux-Mozilla also seems to hang
> > weirdly at times on FreeBSD, which I wouldn't mention except it's happening
> > for a friend I set onto FreeBSD as well. No idea where to start on getting
> > these resolved, I'm a sysadmin not a programmer.
> Any reason why you're running the linux mozilla rather than the native
> one? Because of plug-ins?

An aversion to four-day compilations ;-)

Right now I'm desktopping from this Ubuntu laptop where even the wifi card
Just Works. (And I'm already treating anything involving the Linux kernel
as Satanic and corrupting. Icky, icky thing. The Debian package management
and Synaptic Package Manager are remarkably nice, though, and FreeBSD so
needs something like them.) So I'll probably experiment with nightlies and
suchlike on this box.

But the linux-compat in FreeBSD is sucking and I think this is a problem.
Didn't it used to have a reputation as a *better* Linux than Linux?

> I've loaded 5.4 on my laptop but can't do anything with it until I've
> got a working PCMCIA NIC :(
> Anybody got one they want to get rid of? 10Mbs would do.

I have a Xircom 10/100 here that works dandy with it, but it's a Type 3
just so as not to require a dongle, so there's no way I'm giving it up ;-)
We got it for a bit over ten quid on eBay, though, so have a look around.

- d.

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