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Christopher Dawkins cchd at
Fri Jul 29 14:25:06 BST 2005

>>> since this list has become totally inactive recently

We've all been lurking, happily clicking away on our FreeBSD desktops.
Though there seems more activity this week ...

> The one who is running a desktop FreeBSD system?  The same user
> that I think we are all agreed is dying a death.

Me? Dying? I'm 58 now and scheduled actuarially to die in 2030, but I hope
FreeBSD remains around for my system at least till then. And you can't
say "one". I know of several others, one currently 17 and therefore,
inshallah, a FreeBSD desktop user until 2074.


>>> 3.  Not being a packaged system

Take a look at

We are all, of course, extremely grateful for the work of those who have
made this system viable and hope to return this in our different ways,
each according to his/her means and abilities.

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