BSD is dying

David Gerard fun at
Fri Jul 29 12:06:07 BST 2005

Frank Shute (frank at [050729 02:58]:

> I don't have any problems with it, which is why I tend not to post and
> I'm guessing most people are probably in a similar boat. I think a
> goodly proportion of posters on this list have used FreeBSD for a good
> few years and know how to sort out problems/use Google groups.

Mmm. My main problem with FreeBSD as a desktop is that the Linux compat
layer in 5.x seems notably less stable than the one on 4.x (speicifically,
running Linux nightly builds of Mozilla). Linux-Mozilla also seems to hang
weirdly at times on FreeBSD, which I wouldn't mention except it's happening
for a friend I set onto FreeBSD as well. No idea where to start on getting
these resolved, I'm a sysadmin not a programmer.

> I think FreeBSD a few years ago was restricted to grey hairs like me
> but now I see youngsters picking it up in preference to Linux ("ports
> rocks!!!") on Slashdot.

And if more of the ports still worked with 4.x ... ;-)

- d.

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