BSD is dying

Dominic Marks dom at
Thu Jul 28 22:35:56 BST 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 10:50, Paul Richards wrote:
> and seems pretty  much dead in the UK based on this list.
> Although I'm being a bit flippant, since this list has become totally
> inactive recently I've also been trawling job lists a lot in the last
> few months and BSD has vanished from the UK job market too.
> Anyone got any comments on how they see the state of BSD in general
> and FreeBSD in particular in the UK at the moment?
> Paul
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I'm pushing FreeBSD at my new employers, and have already deployed some 
utility machines with it. But the real problem is these machines are 
peripheral to the core of the Business, which is all based on Java 
and .Net. A web cache here, a firewall there - replacing appliance 
devices because its *cheaper*.

The UK BSD scene seems particularly stagnant, it is a shame. I didn't 
even bother looking for BSD related jobs as I knew it would a hopeless 

So instead I spend 90% of my day installing Windows 2003 Server in 
various permutations. I think the real problem is that BSD is not seen 
as a serious *development* platform, so nobody builds their application 
using FreeBSD (or any BSD) as a platform. For the record my current 
employer is a big player in the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 
market, and they do really cool stuff, but definately NOT on BSD, 
because the developers are too hard to find and the development tools 
do not offer the integrated IDE-ness of Visual Studio / NetBeans / etc.

I would dearly love to work full-time with FreeBSD, but who uses it? I 
never hear about companies who do... Hello? Talented young 
admin/developer here who would love to work with FreeBSD full time, 
very happy to travel if need be!!

I must be one of the few people who dislike the OS X GUI intensely so it 
has not been a draw to me at all. Most places I've worked at have never 
heard of anything BSD, the better places have only a vague idea what it 
is. Windows and Solaris seem to be dominant, with Linux, specifically 
CentOS, supplying the budget market.

That combined with no "real" support for Java or .Net development (or a 
suitable replacement) make FreeBSD in the workplace a myth, at least in 
my universe.


Dominic Marks

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