BSD is dying

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Jul 28 16:25:33 BST 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Andrew Hodgson wrote:

>>> How do you deploy and manage thousands of Windows boxes? Active 
>>> Directory.
> It's funny, how Windows administration is becoming increasingly scripty 
> and the free OS's are going for better graphical management tools! Oh 
> the irony.

It's hardly a cooncidence -- when Microsoft approaches companies like 
Yahoo! and says "How much can we pay you to switch to Windows", the answer 
is typically "Could you even tell us how we could manage this many systems 
using Windows?".  Among other things, this is why Microsoft sells 4.4BSD 
running on an NT kernel (Windows Services for UNIX or whatever it's 

Robert N M Watson

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