BSD is dying

Pete French pete at
Thu Jul 28 14:20:05 BST 2005

> along a few months ago, everybody was 'WOW'. When Linux first came
> along, much the same reaction.

Hmmm, your memory is different to mine. As I recall the recation was "what
idiot would hand code an operating system in assembler in this day and
age!?" :-)

Linux took off because everyone wanted BSD but couldn't have it - and AST
wouldnt allow Minix to be turned into BSD. Athe impetus wasn't "this is
good" - the impetus was "this sucks, but we can make it into a reasonbale
facsimile of what we want if we work on it - and we aren't going to get
that any other way".

There isn't any equivalent stuation anymore, not that I can see anyway. People
loved Unix and they would put an unreasonable amount of effort into getting
a similar system for personal use. Thats where all this came from.

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