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Paul Civati paul at
Thu Jul 28 13:12:42 BST 2005

Ceri Davies <ceri at> wrote:

> >  c) Binary updates - sorry but buildworld doesn't cut it for production
> > point in particular is bugging me more and more every day, and that
> > is quite simply point (3c) above..
> Did you try security/freebsd-update?  Is it lacking?

I looked at it a while ago and didn't like the look of it.  Yes that's
not a particularly good technology evaluation technique. :)

A few points, not to detract from the good work that's being done, but
just my observations/opinion..

1.  It's not an official service - this is not good for production use IMO
2.  Just checking now, it doesn't cater for 5.4-RELEASE, for example
3.  Not being a packaged system - no ability to revert changes

I don't have time to read the main freebsd-* lists so I don't know how
much discussion this has had, but I personally think every single file
(base o/s) needs to be part of a package and also a revised package
system to allow updates.  I'm not sure what technical or political
restrictions would prevent this (Mr Watson? comments if you're 
reading :) other than someone having the time to implement it.

I would love to see FreeBSD using Debian's apt package manager, and
I don't see any reason why we shouldn't appropriate another projects
technology if it will do a job well.


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