BSD is dying

Pete French pete at
Thu Jul 28 12:14:00 BST 2005

> Well, you know, hate to say 'told you so', but I've moved almost
> entirely to OS X, as has every other BSD geek I know. At least for home
> use. Apple killed it. Simple as.

Heh - well, I suspect I am being very peverse here then, as I deploy
FreeBSD and use it to write and run Objective-C programs on :-)

Getting staff is, uh, difficult! All the ObjC people are OSX types these
days, and dont want to leave. But all the non OSX people have no ObjC
experience. Hmmm.

If theres anyone out there who uses OSX, loves ObjC, but would rather be doing
it using 'vi' in a shell window on FreeBSD then let me know...

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