BSD is dying / Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Mike Curtis mike.curtis at
Thu Jul 28 11:48:21 BST 2005

Dear All --

I work in Europe's leading Event and Communications agency, Imagination 
Ltd., in central London (, and we've been using 
FreeBSD for over 8 years now for all our key services.

Members of our IT Development and Operations teams regularly attend 
conferences like LISA, SANE, et al, in the hope of meeting up with new 
people who can help us with our business. We've made several excellent 
contacts over the years.

It's a 250-person plus operation here in the UK, plus we've got similar 
FreeBSD-based offices in New York (40 people), Detroit (5), LA (1), 
Atlanta (1), Hong Kong (20), Tokyo (3), Stockholm (3) and Cologne (6). 
Similarly, all our creatives use Mac OS X, and this accounts for around 
40% of our staff. We also use a bit of Linux too.

We're *always* interested to hear from people with FreeBSD experience, 
but to echo Andrew's comments earlier, in general it really is far more 
important to us that administration, scripting, programming and 
management skills are equally developed. It's a business after all.

I really don't want to now be the recipient of thousands of CVs, so 
please don't send any off yet. However, I really would like to know how 
Imagination can best let you FreeBSD people know of any opportunities 
that we might have here.


Mike Curtis


Ceri Davies wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 10:50:14AM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:
>>and seems pretty  much dead in the UK based on this list.
> I'm guessing that we're all either not nerdy enough or far too
> competent to need it that often ;)
>>Although I'm being a bit flippant, since this list has become totally
>>inactive recently I've also been trawling job lists a lot in the last
>>few months and BSD has vanished from the UK job market too.
> There were two FreeBSD jobs in Bristol advertised last week.  I stopped
> looking further afield than that in August.  It is sad that that's
> noteworthy.
>>Anyone got any comments on how they see the state of BSD in general
>>and FreeBSD in particular in the UK at the moment?
> I know of a few companies that are just starting to use it, and we have
> a new project that I am hoping to get it used in.
> Ceri

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