BSD is dying

Andrew Hodgson andrew at
Thu Jul 28 11:28:48 BST 2005

>Andrew Hodgson (andrew at [050728 20:07]:
>>  Although, when looking for work, BSD might not be a primary 
>skill to 
>> push, you might concentrate on adminitration, scripting, 
>> or management skills, all of which BSD helps you learn best 
>> which are transferable. But then, I didn't know it had been 
>any other 
>> way!
>I list FreeBSD on my CV (after Solaris and Red Hat, I'm afraid 
>;-) and it garners favourable attention from those who have 
>heard of it.

Oh sure, I just meant (as you say) it's not the *primary* skill you'd put,
not yet anyway. In a few years time, perhaps.



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