BSD is dying

Andrew Hodgson andrew at
Thu Jul 28 11:06:45 BST 2005

>and seems pretty  much dead in the UK based on this list.
>Although I'm being a bit flippant, since this list has become 
>totally inactive recently I've also been trawling job lists a 
>lot in the last few months and BSD has vanished from the UK 
>job market too.
>Anyone got any comments on how they see the state of BSD in 
>general and FreeBSD in particular in the UK at the moment?

Don't know about new jobs but I'm successfully getting FreeBSD into
production use for our company, on a variety of projects. I'm also keeping
an eye on the BSD Certification project, which I think is a real step
forward. Unfortunately, Linux still seems to have the jump on *BSD in the
corporate world, perhaps due to it having dedicated marketing teams and
distribution channels, whereas BSD marketing probably comes from techies who
like using it! Once managers see that it does the job well, they generally
support it, in my experience. Although, when looking for work, BSD might not
be a primary skill to push, you might concentrate on adminitration,
scripting, programming, or management skills, all of which BSD helps you
learn best practices which are transferable. But then, I didn't know it had
been any other way!



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